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Cat Trivia

Cat Trivia


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Cat Trivia

When cats are pleased or happy they will squeeze their eyes shut.

A cat's tail is used as a counterweight to help with balance, much like a tight rope walker. It is also used in communication.

A cat's eyes reflect light, acting like tiny flashlights. That is why they can see so well in the dark.

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped. Cats have never gotten over it.

Cats will immediately wash their faces after eating. This may be because their instincts tell them to remove any scent of food so they do not attract predators.

Lilies are poisonous to cats.

House cats have changed little over the past 4,000 years.

A cat can rotate its ears independently.

Cat food manufacturers experimented with mouse flavored food, but cats turned up their noses to it.

A cat's whiskers can detect movement 2,000 times smaller than the width of human hair.


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