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Computer Trivia

Computer Trivia

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

MODEM stands for Modulator-Demodulator.

Apple first hard drive had a 5 megabyte capacity.

On the 1980's, a computer was not considered 100% compatible unless it could run the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox

The first computers were so huge that they took up a whole room.

Bill Gate's real name is William Henry Gates III.

A byte is 8 bits.

In February 2004, a Morse code for the '@' symbol was introduced. It is Dit-Dah-Dah-Dit-Dah-Dit.

The Internet was introduced in 1988.

The first computer with a mouse was an Apple.

The first laptop computer was designed by Kyocera of Japan. They licensed it to NEC, Tandy and Olivetti. These three companies manufactured almost identical laptops. But since Tandy computers were sold at Radio Shack stores, they became the most popular. It is commonly believed, falsely, that they were the first.


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