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Movie Trivia

`Movie Trivia

101 Dalmatians (Original)

Pongo had 72 spots. Perdita had 69. Each puppy had 32.


Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians

The only Disney films where the parents are both there and do not die during the film.


Mary Poppins

Was shot entirely indoors.


Wayne's World

Was filmed in 2 weeks.



The movie, Titanic, cost about $200 million to make. To rebuild the ship today would cost $123 million.

The verses they sing at the church service were not added until about 1937. The Titanic sank in 1912.

When Jack walks past French doors to meet Rose and her family for dinner, the reflection of a cameraman can be seen on the glass.

Molly Brown did not go by Molly until after she was rescued.

Jack Dawson says that he learned seamanship on Lake Wissota near his home close to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. But Lake Wissota was not there until 1917. That was five years after the sinking.

Captain Smith wears contact lenses.

The paintings Rose has with her in the movie were not on the Titanic. They were Monet's Water Lilies and Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

A man in a yellow shirt with a black moustache fell off the boat. A few minutes later the same man is playing the violin with two other men.

When he is drawing Rose's picture, Jack is left handed. But he is right handed for the rest of the movie. James Cameron drew the picture.


The Wizard of Oz

Frank Baum thought up the name "Oz" when he looked at his filing cabinet and saw that it was divided into A-N and O-Z.



Humphrey Bogart never says, "Play it again, Sam."



Richard Harris was seen wearing an elastoplast on his neck.


The Sound of Music

In one scene, a box of oranges is clearly marked "Produce of Israel." The film setting is 1938. Israel did not become a nation again until 1948.


The Wrong Box

The TV antennas can be clearly seen on the roofs of the houses in this movie set in Victorian times.


Ben Hur

Some of the chariot racers wore wrist watches.


Falling in Love

A camera's reflection can be seen in a mirror.



A red bus from London can be seen in the background of the battle scenes.


The Madness of King George

This movie was originally titled "The Madness of King George III." The "III" was dropped because of the thought that Americans would not go to see it because the would think it was a sequel and they hadn't seen the first and second movies.


The Last Gangster

Edward G. Robinson was sent to Alcatraz in 1927. The prison did not open until 1934.


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