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Nobility Trivia

Nobility Trivia

King George I of England was born and raised in Germany. He never learned to speak English, even though he was king of England from 1714 - 1727. He left the running of the country to his ministers. This was the first government Cabinet.

Queen Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn, had six fingers on one hand.

If you live in England and reach the age of 105, you can expect a telegram from the Queen or King on every birthday.

The king or queen of England is not permitted to enter the House of Commons. It is reserved for commoners.

The Castile region of Spain once had a queen who had been a nun. Doña Urraca of the house of Navarre was queen from 1109 - 1126. She was the daughter of Alfonso the VI of Leon and Castile. She later married and had a son who took the throne after her.

Sir Walter Raleigh, wanting to find a way to finance his trip to America to grow tobacco, did it by winning a bet with Queen Elizabeth I. He bet her that he could measure the weight of smoke. He did that by setting two identical cigars on each side of a scale. Then he lit one, being sure that no ashes fell off the scale. When the cigar was spent, the difference was the weight of the smoke.


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