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Dog Trivia


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Dog Trivia

A dog's nose is sensitive enough to distinguish between a plain tub of water and a tub of water with a teaspoon of salt in it.

The only place a dog sweats is from the bottom of its feet. They pant to discharge heat.

Yawning is a sign of contentment in dogs and wolves.

Dogs have approximately 100 different "facial" expressions, mostly made with their ears.

The Saluki is one of the oldest breeds. It probably developed in Mesopotamia around 3000 B.C.

The expression "Three Dog Night" came from the Australian Aborigines. If it was really cold, they needed three dogs to keep warm. (They were actually dingoes.)

Dogs do, in fact, see color. This has recently been discovered. They just don't see them very vividly.

At the sinking of the Titanic, two dogs survived. The first lifeboats had so few people on them that no one objected. Miss Margaret Hays of New York took her Pomeranian with her in lifeboat No. 7. Henry Sleeper Harper of the Harper publishing family took his Pekinese, Sun Yat Sen, with him in boat No. 3.

Chocolate could be fatal to a dog. An ingredient in chocolate, therbromine, stimulates the central nervous system and cardiac muscle. Fatal quantities = 2.5 pounds of milk chocolate or 5 ounces of cooking chocolate.

On average, a medium size dog which lives eleven years will cost its owner $6,400.

A poll conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association revealed that 33% of dog owners said they have talked to their dogs on the phone of left a voice mail for them.


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