Read some interesting Presidential triviaOne of the problems with 'majority rule' is the majority is usually wrong. - Thomas Jefferson
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Presidential Trivia, etc.

Read some interesting Presidential trivia

Ronald Reagan was the only president to have worn a NAZI uniform (in a movie, of course).

President John Quincy Adams had a pet alligator. He kept it in the East Room of the White House.

Zachary Taylor, the 12th President, voted for the first time when he was 62 years old. He was a soldier and moved so much that he couldn't establish legal residency. He did not even vote in his own election. It wasn't until he retired that he could vote.

Woodrow Wilson is the only US President to receive a Ph.D. which he earned. He had a degree in history from Johns Hopkins University.

Aaron Burr got away with murder. He was Thomas Jefferson's Vice President. He shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel on July 11, 1804. They decided to have a duel over insults exchanged over political issues. He was charged with murder in New Jersey, but the matter was not pursued on the basis that civilized nations so not treat dueling deaths as common murders.

Richard Nixon was the most voted for American politician ever. His votes came from his candidacy for:

  • 3 terms in Congress
  • 2 terms as Vice President
  • 1 candidacy against John Kennedy in 1960
  • 1 candidacy for governor of California
  • 2 terms as President

The White House was constructed of freestone which is a form of sandstone. It is porous and easily damaged by water. The masons sealed the freestone with a wash of rice, salt and glue. This gave it a white color and is was soon nicked named the White House.

Three Presidents have died on July 4: John Adams (1826), Thomas Jefferson (1826) and James Monroe (1831).

John F. Kennedy has a sister who was mentally retarded. Rosemary was given a lobotomy, at that time, an acceptable way to treat a patient.

Vice President Thomas Marshall (1854-1925) once remarked that, "What this country needs is a good five cent cigar." Humorist Will Rogers replied that the country had plenty of good five cent cigars. The problem was the they charged fifteen cents for them.


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