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Hitler Trivia

Read some interesting trivia about Adolph Hitler.


Hitler Trivia

Hitler was voted Man of the Year by Time Magazines in 1938.

Adolph Hitler's great, great grandmother was a Jewish maid.

On Hitler's 3rd grade report card, his teacher said he was "bad tempered and fancied himself as a leader."

Adolph Hitler and Henry Ford admired each other. Each kept a picture of the other on their office desk. Some of Henry Ford's views anti-Semitic were used in "'Mein Kampf." Ford supported the Nazi movement.

Hitler placed an order for some tanks to be manufactured in Detroit and told them not to bother shipping them to Germany, he's pick them up on his way through town.

Adolph Hitler's half brother, Alois Hitler, owned a bar in Germany. Nazi officials frequented it. He never gave his opinion about his brother because he was afraid Adolph would revoke his liquor license.

Hitler appointed Vidkun Quisling as F├╝hrer of Norway during the WWII. Quisling was a Norwegian fascist who supported Hitler. After the war, he was arrested in 1945. Even though Norway has not used capital punishment for hundreds of years, they tried and executed him. Today, the word quisling means someone who collaborates with an occupying enemy force.

Before WWII, the New York City phone book had 22 Hitlers. After the war, it had 10.

Adolph Hitler had a fascination with hands. He had a well worn book in his library which contained drawings and pictures of the hands of famous people. He was quick to point out how much his hands resembled those of one of his heroes. Frederick the Great.


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